What the Heck is B-Roll? Videography Terms Explained

Ever find yourself in a conversation with your videographer, nodding along as if you know what they’re talking about, but you’re really thinking: “What the heck is B-roll…?” If so, this is the article for you!

Here is a list of terms you might hear when discussing video production with your team. But next time, you’ll know what everyone is talking about. Be sure to take notes! There’s a quiz at the end.

Audio Mixing: ensuring all audio levels are balanced so the voices, music, and sound effects are not competing with one another

After Effects: adding animations and/or visual effects

B-Roll: extra footage used to enrich the story you’re telling and to allow greater flexibility during editing

Color Correcting: digitally manipulating colors during post-production

Export: assembling an edited video project into a single file that can be played, shared, or uploaded

Motion Graphics: computer generated graphics including moving titles, logos, animations, and more

Post-Production: occurs after a video has been filmed, includes editing, grading, sound mixing, and more

Pre-Production: the process of developing a concept, writing a script, storyboarding, talent and location scouting, scheduling and logistics, and more (a lot of these end in “and more”)

Press Kit: provides information about your production to the press, or any media platform, for the purpose of promotion

Production: filming of the actual video by a camera crew

POV: (point of view) a shooting technique that shows the perspective of a scene literally from a character or object’s position

Rough Cut: the first version of the unfinished video, may be viewed for feedback purposes before final edits are completed

Shot List: a checklist of all the shots the videographer wants to include in the production

Storyboard: drawings that illustrate all the scenes in your production in order, can also be a written description of each scene

Stream/Live Stream: video that is broadcasted live, directly to viewers

Voiceover: narration and/or commentary

If you’re curious about a term that didn’t make the list, or if you think we’ve left any out that we shouldn’t have, let us know in the comments.

Are you looking for the quiz…? There isn’t one, silly.

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