Promotional Videos

Strong Promotional Video is, as proven by many of the world’s most successful organizations, an effective method of embracing your target market. When done well, Promotional Video will generate outstanding results and impressive ROI.

We’ve guided many clients through planning, production, and deployment of such campaigns, and the response is always overwhelmingly positive.

Contact us to discover how incorporating viral, social, or promotional video into your overall strategy will benefit you.

Free Strategy Session

We’d be happy to review your existing marketing approach, discuss your goals, and draft a campaign strategy tailored to your business. Click on the link below to schedule your free strategy session now.

Phase 1

  • Learn Your Story
  • Product/Service Analysis
  • Define Niche Market
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Differentiate Yourself
  • Draft Marketing Strategy
  • Create Win-Win Proposal
  • Scripting & Location/Talent Scouting Begins

Phase 2

  • Video Production Begins
  • Create Assets
  • Film Interviews
  • Film B-Roll

Phase 3

  • Log & Transfer Footage
  • Video Editing
  • Audio Editing & Mixing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Color Grading
  • Final Delivery

“The relationship is very easy, friendly, and fun… But also very thorough.”

Matt S.

“I’m really proud of and happy with the work you created for us. It has definitely shown in the response from both internal stakeholders as well as our customers!”

Lawrence M.

“You always deliver quality video content. Very professional from start to finish, and the editing and production was collaborative and easy!”

Jason S.

“You’re extremely easy to work with on both large and small projects. From concept development to final editing I would recommend you to anyone!”

Matt S.

“The relationship is very easy, friendly, and fun… But also very thorough.”

Matt S.