Event livestreaming is often perceived as complex and expensive. We offer customized package options that serve as a cost effective, reliable livestreaming solution that, accompanied by the impeccable service and insight of our expert team, exceeds expectations every time.

Our livestreams focus on the experience of the viewer. We provide a stimulating stream manned by our experienced crew, resulting in flawless execution.

Once your stream is complete, we can provide you with digital files of your event, and the option to have your footage expertly edited by our award-winning visual creators. In addition, we can offer your viewers the option to purchase Digital Download files, or access to your event footage as On-Demand content.

The bottom line is that we bring the knowledge and experience of a large, expensive company, while delivering the relationship and pricing of a local company who cares.

Free Strategy Session

We’d be happy to review your existing marketing approach, discuss your goals, and draft a campaign strategy tailored to your business. Click on the link below to schedule your free strategy session now.

Phase 1

  • Learn Your Story
  • Product/Service Analysis
  • Define Niche Market
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Differentiate Yourself
  • Draft Marketing Strategy
  • Create Win-Win Proposal
  • Location Scouting Begins

Phase 2

  • Onsite Crew & Equipment Set-Up
  • Film Live Event
  • Equipment Disassembly

Phase 3

  • Log & Transfer Footage
  • Video Editing
  • Audio Editing & Mixing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Color Grading
  • Final Delivery

“From the scripting to the final edits, your team was with me, making great suggestions and being the professionals I needed. I really credit you with my company’s early success!”

Kristen F.

“You’re extremely easy to work with on both large and small projects. From concept development to final editing I would recommend you to anyone!”

Matt S.

“Everybody and their dog thinks they are a high-end video vendor- and they’re not. I’d call you!”

Nathan W.

“The relationship is very easy, friendly, and fun… But also very thorough.”

Matt S.

“The quality of your production and your help in the creative process is terrific. I definitely recommend you to others!”

Jason B.