Commercial Campaigns

Our goal is to create the perfect marriage between compelling story driven content and 100% trackable video distribution that we use to attract new clients to your business every day, just like clockwork.

With our proven marketing strategies we will tactically design a campaign that resonates within the hearts of your potential customers. Each campaign is created with a powerfully beneficial offer that is designed to create enduring client relationships. As we build these campaigns, we will dig deep into all facets of your business to ensure the highest possible return on your investment.

Free Strategy Session

We’d be happy to review your existing marketing approach, discuss your goals, and draft a campaign strategy tailored to your business. Click on the link below to schedule your free strategy session now.

Phase 1

  • Learn Your Story
  • Product/Service Analysis
  • Define Niche Market
  • Determine Profitability
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Differentiate Yourself
  • Draft Marketing Strategy
  • Create Win-Win Proposal

Phase 2

Build Out
  • Video Production Begins
  • Create Landing Page
  • Design Funnel
  • Ad Construction
  • Proof of Concept
  • Funnel Beta Testing

Phase 3

Launch Campaign
  • Launch Ads
  • Begin Tracking
  • Monitor Results
  • Analyze and Improve
  • Ensure Maximum ROI
  • Replicate Success

“From the scripting to the final edits, your team was with me, making great suggestions and being the professionals I needed. I really credit you with my company’s early success!”

Kristen F.

“The relationship is very easy, friendly, and fun… But also very thorough.”

Matt S.

“Very reliable and trustworthy, I am totaly satisfied with your services over the last 5 years. Thank you for your awesome work!”

Yong K.

“You’re a great partner to work with. Your ideas, expertise, and sense of humor made the whole experience a very positive one!”

Rob H.

“The quality of your production and your help in the creative process is terrific. I definitely recommend you to others!”

Jason B.