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“You’re a great partner to work with. Your ideas, expertise, and sense of humor made the whole experience a very positive one!”

Rob H.

“You have been great to work with. Always on time and attentive to detail!”

Steve S.

“The quality of your production and your help in the creative process is terrific. I definitely recommend you to others!”

Jason B.

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What the Heck is B-Roll? Videography Terms Explained

Ever find yourself in a conversation with your videographer, nodding along as if you know what they’re talking about, but you’re really thinking: “What the heck is B-roll…?” If so, this is the article for you! Here is a list of terms you might hear when discussing video production with your team. But next time, you’ll know what everyone is…

Team Management: 3 TOOLS WE (ACTUALLY) USE

“Team Management” is an umbrella term with a large canopy. It covers everything from administrative duties and daily tasks, to communication, project management, and more. For over a decade, technology has increasingly made working as a team more convenient, especially when working remotely. Now more than ever, utilizing simple, effective, digital tools has become crucial to maintaining a team that…

Legends At Home Workout

Check out our live workout that was streamed to all the Legends Boxing members to be able to work out during these crazy times.